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Ok, I have to try this, cuz it is hilarious!-

1. Open up your music player.
2. Skip through the first 25 songs and list them.
3. Add "in my pants" to the end of each song title.
4. bold your favorites.

1. Breaking point: Show me a sign in my pants
2. Redlightmusic: Say it again in my pants
3. Snow patrol: Run in my pants
4. The Caesers: Jerk it out in my pants (OMG THAT IS TERRIBLE! XD)
5. Soft Cell: Tainted love in my pants XD
6. Miss Jane: It's a fine day in my pants
7. Jonny McGovern: Soccer Practice in my pants (ouch XD)
8. Lacuna Coil: To live is to die in my pants XD
9. Bush: Superman in my pants (wow)
10. Three days grace: Let you down in my pants (insert girly giggle here)
11. DJ Taka: Frozen ray in my pants
12. The Exies: My Godess in my pants (*blink*)
13. Green Day: Holiday in my pants ( That's an invite I think)
14. CKY: 96 quite bitter beings in my pants XD
15. Finger Eleven: Stay and drown in my pants (i am not gonna even touch that one)
16. DJ Mystik: It's the moon in my pants
17. Sense fail: Buried a lie in my pants (i seriously almost choaked from laughing at this one for some reason XD)
18. Wheatus: Teenage Dirtbag in my pants (thats not nice)
19. Enigma: Gravity of love in my pants (whoa...)
20. Slipknot: Spit it out in my pants (that is sooooooo dirty.... i love it!)
21. The Police: Every breathe you take in my pants
22. Rise against: Rumors of my demise have been in my pants (I love this one.)
23. Midtown: Give it up in my pants O_O
24. Evanescence: where will you go in my pants (well i dunno, it's kinda up to you... XD)
25. The Cynic Project: Sidewinder in my pants ( this is my favorite one, i loooove the sexual innuendo XD XD XD)

Okee now to go along with my communities subject of My Chemicial Romance, i'll do the same this with some of my favorite MCR songs XD:

It's not an fashion statement, It's a fucking deathwish in my pants
Helena in my pants
You know what they do to guys in prison in my pants
Thank you for the venom in my pants
I never told you what i do for a living in my pants
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